Industrial Eqipment
We offer lab freeze dryer, vacuum
concentrators and vortex evaporators
Authorized service partner for freeze
dryers of Millrock Technology plus freeze
dryers, vacuum concentrators and vacuum
concentrators of Labconco
Freeze dryers for production purposes
from simple applications like for example
food up to high requirement applications
like pharmaceutical
About us
Since 1958, the Piatkowski family has been working in field of
freeze dryers, such as construction, sales and technical
service. As company Dieter Piatkowski Forschungsgeräte, in
coorporation with our partner companies, we offer the right
solutions for almost every application.
Freeze Dryers

We offer freeze drying solutions for  almost every
application, from small lab freeze dryers to units for
production, drying products from very simple ones like
food up to pharmaceuticals.
Develop or improve your freeze
drying recipe by your own

Advanced coontrol systems and complete systems for 
process development and process optimization
Refrigerated vacuum  

For uses of very temperature sensitive samples in the  
lab. For aggressive materials optional a version with  
teflon coated rotor chamber available.
Dieter Piatkowski - Forschungsgeräte * Pfarrangerweg 2 ' D-85238 Petershausen