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The  LABCONCO Corporation has long
experience in constructing lab equipment.
The products like for example lab freeze
dryers,  vacuum concentrators and vortex
evaporators are in use at labs all overround
the world.
The company LEOSMAK is a european
manufacturer for freeze drying equipment
for food applications amd other simple bulk
products.. They provide powerful and
reliable equipment  from lab/houshold scale
toindustrial sizes.
And all for a very attractive price-
performance ratio.

Since 1958, the Piatkowski family has been working in field  
of freeze dryers, such as for example construction, sales  
and technical service. As company Piatkowski  
Forschungsgeräte, together with our partner companies,   
we are offering standard and custom-made equipment from  
small lab to large production scale. And this for a wide  
range of applications. Additionally to the necessary  
equipment we offer support in qualification of such system  
plus setting up a URS.
We offer:
-Installation of equipment and enduser training
-Maintenance and calibration
-Technical service
-Custom-made equipment
-Lyo refurbishment
-Lyo upgrade
-Updating exsting freeze dryers
Piatkowski - Forschungsgeraete * Varenner Str. 4 ' 85238 Petershausen/Germany