Production Scale Freeze Dryer

                     For companies out of field from pharacy, biotechnology, diagnostics, food and much more
                      -Internal and external condenser systems
                      -Systems up to 50sqm shelf area with ice condensers up to 1000 kg for gmp applications, food
                       freeze dryers with much larger capacities
                      -Low-Budget solutions for simple applications

Many possible configurations, custom-made solutions and options
-Capacitance manometer
-Isolation valve in between product chamber and ice condenser
-Resistivity sensor
-Vacuum control by proportional valve
-CIP Cleaning-In-Place
-SIP Sterilization-In-Place
-Screw compressors
-Dry pumps
-Redundant components
-Validation, qualification
-Optimization of freeze drying processes
-and much more
-Systems with internal and external condenser

-For requirements up to pharmaceutical
-Solutions for simple and lower budget product, like
for example food


-Solutions with or without possiblity to prefreeze
inside of the freeze dryer
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