Pilot Plant Freeze Dryer

The requirements for R&D labs are product and process development, plus also process optimization in field of
product quality and homogenity, with possibility to upscale to large production batches. Especially for this
purpose we offer systems with unique functions, to rapidly optimize the drying result from process side in a
simple way.
-Fully reproducible results
-Systems from 0,2sqm to 2,5sqm shelf area
-Ice condensers from 4 to 50 kg
-Shelf temperatures up to -65°C and condenser temperatures up to <-80°C available
-Highly reliable components

-Many options and configurations
-Capacitance/Piarni pressure difference measurement 
-Isolation valve in between prodcut chamber and ice condenser
-Resistivity sensor 
-Sample extraction device
-Vacuum control by proportional valve
- CIP Cleaning-In-Place
- Sterilizable versions
-Standard as freestanding mobile version, on request as Cleanroom flanged version
-Dry pumps
Pilot plant freeze dryers
Pilot plant freeze dryer, based on an longterm   
experience in field of freeze dryers.  
They offer a very reliable base for your freeze drying  
Millrock Auto DryTM Software

Success in a single run
Sample extraction device SpiderTM

-More simple construction than most of competitive  

-No additional vacuum pump necessary
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