Millrock MicroFD®  Gefriertrocknungsanlage LyoSIM® und LyoPAT®

Proven to Develop Transferable Protocols!

The MicroFD with LyoSIM and LyoPAT does more than larger lab freeze dryers do and with fewer vials. The
MicroFD provides all critical process parameters AND provides heat flux measurement utilizing AccuFlux®. Using
significantly fewer vials (ie 19 vials if using a 10R serum vial)  means you use less active pharmaceutical
ingredient and you save time and money with extensively shorter set-up and downtime.

All in one system:
  -FreezeBooster®Controlled Nucleation
  -Auto-Dry® Software
  -Millrock AccufluxTM Technology

    -Takes the guesswork out of protocol development.
    -Uses less valuable of your valuable product for R&D.
    -R&D and cycle transfer with as few as 7 vials.
    -Determines Kv, Rp and other critical process parameters.

Video:  Cycle Transfer Utilizing the MicroFD and LyoPAT

THE Tool for process development in the  



What does LyoSIM do?

The patent pending LyoSIM ring is a closely coupled
temperature source that can simulate center vials or
the edge effect for process analysis.

The LyoSIM ring temperature is controlled based on
the product temperature to either simulate
sublimating center vials or to simulate edge vial
effects. In both cases, the close coupling of the
LyoSIM ring results in far superior results than simply
controlling the wall temperature.
Millrock LyoPAT

This unique technology from Millrock Technology  
provides measurement of the Critical Process  
Parameters in all stages of the freeze drying process,  
including freezing, primary drying and secondary  
drying. LyoPAT enables the user to analyze, improve  
and optimize their freeze drying processes in the lab  
and easily transfer the protocols to production.
Video: See how the MicroFD can help you with protocol development, cycle optimization and cycle transfer. Watch this presentation that introduces the MicroFD & LyoPAT technology.
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