Laboratory Freeze Dryers

· Powerful and reliable freeze dryers, which are easy to use

· High flexibility because of large choice of options and accessories

· Powerful ice condensers with max capacities of 3 to 18kg, on request up to 40kg

· There are different refrigeration systens and condenser temperatures ≤-50°C and for samples with lower
eutectic point such as samples with solvent content up to   up to  ≤-80°C. A small model also with -105°C
condenser available

· Optional vacuum control function allows more exact control of sample temperature (vapour pressure over ice

· Reliable double stage rotary vane pumps, chemical resistant pumps and dry vacuum pumps available

· Easy to access for maintenance purposes
Labconco Freezone Laboratoy Freeze  

Flexible and reliable freeze dryers, which are used ind  
research labs all overround the world. A large choice  
of accessories offers the right configuration for the  
requested application.
L03 & L06 Lab Freeze Dryer

Simple solutions for the lab
L100 & L200 Freeze Dryer

-Solutions for research labs for drying on temperature
controlled shelvs

-Complete process including freezing on the shelves
Accessories for freeze dryers

-Chambers and manufolds

-Product trays

-Widemouth flasks and roundbottles

-Rotary vane pumps. comined pump systems and dry

- and much more
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