Repair - Retrofit - Adapt - Modernize

You are having a freeze dryer and want to extend the service lifer, or want to update or upgrade the system?
We are offering following options:

-Update or upgrade the control system by:

      -A simple microprocessor based programmable controller with optional digital data recording

        -Installation of a PLC control system
               -Full control of freeze drying process
               -Ethernet based communication offers possibility  of visualization and control from any spot in network
               -Easy backup of system data and configuration
               -E-mail alarming
               -Full configuration on customers requirements possible
               -Optional 21CFR Part 11 compliance
               -Full validatable

-Replacement of additional components, such as:

      -Cooling compressors

       -Vacuum pumps

       -Circulation pumps


       -Valves (for example replacemtn of manual valves by full automatic valves)

       -Gaskets, Liquids and much more
Get your freeze dryer ready for next years!
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